The team at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning understands your goals. When it comes time to change-out your heating and cooling system you want a trusted major brand name that is affordable.

Climate Control offers the highest quality heating and air conditioning systems with the best energy savings to meet all of your project’s needs.

The Florida climate places a heavy demand on our air conditioners. When our knowledgeable technicians install or replace your HVAC unit you can be assured that the new efficient air conditioner will provide the best performance while lowering your electric bill.

The type of unit that you purchase for your home and business should be determined by a few factors.
The size of your coverage area, the EER (energy efficiency ratio) and the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The best unit for your home or business will be the most energy efficient and the least expensive to run.

As explained by our top manufacturer Trane:

Air Conditioning Installation

The Energy Efficiency Ratio EER of a cooling unit is determined by the output cooling divided by the electrical power input. As opposed to SEER which is calculated over a range of outside temperatures, EER is typically determined by a set outside air temperature, a set inside air temperature and a 50% relative humidity. For a comparison point, 11 EER is roughly equivalent to 13 SEER.

An air conditioner’s EER rating is a means of measuring an air conditioner’s efficiency, however, SEER is a means of measuring seasonal efficiency ratings, generally the higher the SEER number installed over time equals more savings.

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